A return, with hosting in Azure Websites

So, it turns out that deployment of WordPress in Azure Websites is as easy as one could hope.

Exporting all posts from my previous hosting was simple via the wp_admin page’s Tools/Export plugin (once I deleted all pending comments). Then, I upped the maximum upload file size by adding a .user.ini file to the root of the application via WebMatrix, with the following:

upload_max_filesize = 10M

After that, it was a matter of uploading the rest of the site via FTPS. I’m now interested in moving all media to blob storage, but that can come later.

Dead server; writing about programming

Our server died this afternoon, and through no fault of ours we lost about two weeks of data. I mean, why not wait until all the disks in your RAID array are dead before trying to replace them? Were we not paying for disk redundancy and back-up, this would really be no big deal. As it stands, I favor trying to host our domains elsewhere.

In brighter news, I’ve noticed most of the hits to this site are to anything involving C#. This being the case, I’m going to make a conscious effort to write more about “programming stuff” I find useful, like this sort of thing.

Crossposting to LiveJournal: On

I’m again experimenting with crossposting to my LiveJournal. LJers don’t respond well to RSS feeds on LJ, and commenting (which is the reason to use LJ as a blogging venue in the first place) on feeds sucks even for the poster. LiveJournal Crossposter appears to work better than any of the hand-rolled solutions I’ve come up with in the past, so I’ll give it a go.

This shouldn’t be taken as evidence that I think anyone will be interested in my rambling. Hopefully there will be a pretty picture every now and then, at least.

Shared items from Google Reader

For the past few months I’ve been doing almost all of my daily online reading via Google Reader, and most of the time I find it’s a ideal tool. As is always the case, getting a good starting list of feeds makes all the difference; it’s only a tool for consuming content, after all.

For various reasons, this is the first time I’ve been able to stick with using an RSS reader. A nice (and not unique) feature is being able to mark interesting posts for future reference. More interesting is the idea that you can easily share these with others with a web link and feed.

Check out my shared RSS items for a relatively sparse list of posts I find important or interesting.

Small notes: progress on the way

Using Dave’s example, I’m planning on hacking “quickposts” into my WordPress install sometime over the weekend. I like the idea and utility of small blurbs, and often find the pressure of a complete, titled concept is enough to keep me away from posting. And more postings from me is always a good thing, right? I see this as perfect for quick links with comments, along with most fitness/training log entries.

I also need to finish my rethinking of my post categories. This is another big pet peeve of mine that I’ve let slide big-time.

As photo publishing is a big deal to me, I’ve considered relocating my photos to a Flickr account. This I am unsure about.

I also find myself continually frustrated with comments via WordPress. This journal isn’t really meant to be a springboard for discussion in the first place, and I still (sluggishly) mirror posts to my LiveJournal account. Commenting is usually done there regardless (I suspect few folks there know or care that I mostly post via WordPress these days), and I have no spam problems whatsoever on LiveJournal. I will likely hook up the “respose” links to point to the appropriate space on LiveJournal.