Davidson Half-marathon

All out at the Davidson half-marathon finish
(thanks to Jeri for picture)

Fun race last weekend in Davidson. Most of Crazy Legs showed up and we even got a few age group awards. I was 13th overall with a 1:25:35, good for an age-group second in my first race in the 35-39 group (congrats to fellow CL Paul Gonzalez for getting first about a minute ahead; I was no match for him in on the hills).

Blue Ridge Relay 2008

Last weekend was the Blue Ridge Relay, which is 209 miles and 24+ hours of sick quad- and hamstring-bashing. Our Crazy Legs team showed up with a full twelve-person roster, and pulled out an impressive seventh-place (out of 75+ teams) in 26:45.

The view from “Goat Hill”, somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I ran position eight, with a first leg of 4.5 miles (moderately hilly), which I tried to run at my 5k pace. My overnight leg was 8 miles (nightmare dark mountain up, up, up, then screaming down), during which I experienced repeated heartburn worse than any college beer and wings episode. A sunburn and a general lack of sleep during the preceding week almost got the better of me before the night run, but passing a bunch of people delivered enough oh-so-lovely adrenaline to keep the feet turning over.

Mike “Goat” Smith cranking Goat Hill

At the top of Goat Hill, I got the hand-off for my last leg, which was 9.4 miles downhill with over 2000 feet of descent. I cranked it as best I could, averaging sub-6s. My quads were destroyed for a week.

Prior to downhill bash (thanks Cheryl for the pic)

Coach Tino rounding the corner for the finish

The finish was in downtown Asheville. Luckily, the downtown Y allowed participants to shower afterward, so everyone was able to survive the ride back to Charlotte.

Two vans’ worth of Crazy Legs

I’d go on about how fun the team was, but it would mostly be “you had to be there” stuff. Which, of course, is what makes these sorts of things worthwhile. I fully expect to run this event again, probably with much the same crew, and preferably as an ultra team (running more, but avoiding all the waiting around). Also, I’ll get more than three hours of sleep the night before the race next time.

I have a bunch more pictures at this link, and Mike’s Flickr archive is at this link.

Kate Portrait

I love this portrait my sister is doing of my niece. She says it’s a work-in-progress, though I’m in favor of her keeping it in its current state.


I can’t wait to see the companion portrait of my nephew. She paints from photographs, so I’m hoping I can provide a similar portrait of him.

Myrtle Beach 2008

We had a nice crew going to Myrtle Beach this year. The two Pauls were shooting to push Dougherty below his 3:16 needed for Boston, Susi was pacing Jeri in her first race back from her ankle injury, and I was finally trying to break 3 hours.

Jeri and Susi ran a comfortable half, Jeri’s injury thankfully a thing of the past. Being the great supporters they are, I could hear them yelling as I finished right on target in 2:57:40 (top 20!). The last six miles were brutal, the long straightaways of this race a terrible mental test.

Bo finishing

In maximum dramatic form, Dougherty finished with three seconds to spare (3:15:56), with Martino not far behind in a season-best 3:19:37.


We all earned our post-race massages (great free massage tent), and I even had my first beer of 2008.

Beer tent

I’m not very fond of Myrtle Beach itself, and the race is too straight and flat to be enjoyable to me, but the crowd was great and the whole atmosphere was nice for a mid-sized race.