Leica M8 review by a real photojournalist

Michael Kamber is a war photojournalist and Leica fan currently operating in Iraq, and in this article he discusses his real-world experiences with the Leica M8. The article is scathing, to put it bluntly. Most interesting to me were not the photographic problems with the camera (absolutely wild fluxuations in color balance, for example) but some very basic usability flaws that rendered the camera unusable for Kamber. In a statement that sounds so familiar to me, he questions whether Leica performed any real-world testing of the camera before shipping. And this guy’s not just being picky.

Originally linked from Luminous Landscape.

Dreams of expensive glass

After going through results of a recent photo excursion, I’ve found myself a bit disappointed with the clarity of the shots I’m getting with my Canon EF 28-135mm IS lens. I plan to run a few tests over the weekend, as well as compare it with a friend’s new EF-S 17-85mm IS. Is it time for me to start dreaming of L glass, possibly the EF 24-105mm IS 4L? For my bank account’s sake I hope not, but this comparison, unfortunately, doesn’t surprise me.

Extremely pleased with Mpix

My Mpix orders arrived promptly this week, and I was extremely impressed. The paper was professional grade, and resolution and colors were simply incredible.

I prefer the normal paper to the metallic, though I liked the metallic effect on at least one shot. Colors differed between the two papers far less than I expected. Overally colors were much closer than I expected to my semi-accurately calibrated home workstation, as were brightness and contast. After seeing my color prints a friend at work got a few large black and whites printed, also with exceptional results. We all submitted files as 16 bit uncompressed TIFF, sRGB color space.

The shipment packaging was almost as impressive as the prints. There was no rolling; everything was sandwiched tightly between layers of cardboard and foam. Next-day FedEx of around $10 is not unreasonable at all with this quality.

I encourage anyone wanting exceptional, highly professional printing results to give them a try.