Get Windows key on an old keyboard

I have a particular love of IBM keyboards, both the clicky Model M (compact) as well as scissor-key ThinkPad keyboards. Neither of these, however, has a Windows key. This key is good for much more than popping up the Start menu, so I’d like to get it back. Also, I never use Caps Lock, and have always preferred having Control in that location. So, I remapped Left Control to the Caps Lock key, and then reassigned Left Control to work as Left Windows. Works like a charm.

Explanation of the code to put into the registry can be found here, or you can just use KeyTweak to reassign.

Laptop internets via Blackjack

Need access to internets on your laptop but you don’t have a cellular data card? If you have a bluetooth Windows Media smartphone (a Samsung Blackjack, for example) and an appropriate data plan, just run WindowsInternet Sharing from File Explorer on your phone, select “Bluetooth PAN” under “PC Connection”, then connect to the device with your laptop.