Vista desktop dead

I’ve been enthusiastically using 64-bit Windows Vista on my work desktop for the past few months, and with good luck. Until recently, that is, when it began to blue-screen on an alarmingly regular basis. I don’t know whether to blame a bad driver (most likely), bad hard drive (doubtful), or bad memory (very unlikely, since the machine was very stable for a long while). Unfortunately, I have little idea how to quickly diagnose the problem. Whatever the cause, I honestly haven’t found the Vista experience on a desktop even remotely worth jeopardizing stability, and I’m rebuilding with XP. Now, if I could just get my XP laptop to suspend and hibernate properly…

Even with philosophical and political leanings aside, sometimes I just really hate Windows.

True terrorism

If you, as an American, are familiar with the writ of Habeas corpus and are not terrified by the new unprecendented powers of our executive over our Constitutional rights, then yours is a different America than mine. If you aren’t familiar with this fundamental legal right, I suggest you read up at least a little about this very basic change in the foundations of our American liberties.

This is huge, as everything that makes you American can be revoked entirely on suspicion.

More Magnolia state natural disaster news

Apparently, the last week of September 2005 was tornado hell in Mississippi. My good friend Mack Woo’s parents’ home in Belzoni was destroyed by a twister. Luckily everyone was at their grocery store during the damage.

Shortly thereafter, in Meridian, a tornado struck about fifty yards from my parents’ home, throwing some trees around the property and tearing up power lines in the neighborhood. According to my father it sounded much more like an enormous waterfall than a train.

None of this seems real to me.

On aging

Well, it’s finally happened. I don’t know if it’s my basic math skills or my memory that is going, but I finally forgot exactly how old I am.

However, I can now shuffle twenty poker chips at once with my left hand.

Goodbye to The Connection

I was looking forward to the iTunes Music Store podcasts primarily for the NPR. I don’t spend much time in the car anymore, so I don’t listen to much NPR anymore (yes, apparently the car is the only place I am capable of listening to the radio, so go figure; I should listen online). Anyway, I grew very fond of The Connection while commuting in the RTP area, and was somewhat saddened when I discovered it wasn’t carried in the Charlotte area. I was further disappointed when I didn’t see the show among the podcasts originally offered through iTMS. Now, it seems, WBUR is completely getting rid of the show.

It must be my fault.