Cary half marathon

The Inside-Out Half Marathon was Sunday, and despite a severe lapse in proper training in the few weeks leading up to the race, I did alright with a 1:43:53. The last few miles uphill on Weston were rough, but I loved the course catching the greenway along the side of Lake Crabtree and then up into Umstead. When I think back on it, I even like that they put Little Elvis (better known as Graveyard Hill) right at the half-way point. It’s nice to have at least one fond memory of that hill (other than hallucinatory sightings of the King, of course).

Quick notes on recent music

As I’ve mentioned before, the new Richard Buckner album Dents and Shells is excellent. My iPod now just rolls its eyes at me when I turn it on.

I’ve only given it a quick once-over, but I’m not really digging the new R.E.M. album Around the Sun. Some of the tracks may grow on me, but Monster was the last of their records to really grab me, so this isn’t a total surprise. I’ll report a change of mind immediately.

On a brighter note, the new Finn Brothers album Everyone is Here is a breath of fresh air, something I’m looking forward to dosing up on quite a bit in the coming weeks. Too early to tell how I’ll rate it, but I definitely enjoyed the first pass.

North Carolina FILO

Said goodbye to Brad and Dezra, as they are now off to Colorado Springs. I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado, so I’m particularly looking forward to visiting.

Yes, the rumors are true. Larry and Heather have moved to Charlotte. There is a chance I’ll be heading down there this weekend, so contact me if this interests you in any way.

Running and tripping

I ran the annual company-sponsored 5k this weekend and achieved my 21 minute goal. The past few weeks of slacking showed a bit, and my stride was pretty dead throughout. Not bad for slacking, I guess.

Managed a pretty fast round on Company Mill last Thursday. I figure 48 minutes isn’t too bad, especially considering I took yet another spill. Not quite sure what’s up with the tripping. I even had a mild sprain earlier in the week. I somehow managed a safe shoulder slide on a very rocky downhill, so I guess I my coordination doesn’t kick in until I’m half-way down.

I need new running shoes very badly. Instead, I bought a few new pairs of casual shoes.

Less than two weeks until the Cary half-marathon.

Dents and Shells

Based on many repeat listenings today (seriously, quite a few), I’ve concluded that the new Buckner album is magnificant. “Straight” and “Rafters” are among the highest of the high points, but the entire thing is a damn fine polished piece of work. I really wasn’t expecting much with this release, but this may be the new album I recommend to people who’ve never heard him before. And I’m a pretty damn big fan of his other records.

Let me know if you’re interested in going to the 10/19 Cat’s Cradle show. No idea if he’s going to have a backing crew with him, though I certainly hope so.

Beware the Wellspring salad bar

Went to the Whole Foods on Wade Avenue for lunch today. On the way to the cashier, Brent and I kidded about the bad ass weight of the salad I built. I mean, a little of this and that and by the time you get around the bar, past all the pasta and the tofu and the rest of the hippie shit I love, there is significant weight accumlated. And sure enough, with a frou-frou root beer my lunch topped ten bucks.

Wise as always, Brent made the observation that it was still ten bucks cheaper than our work cafeteria, and infinitely better quality.

iPod Toadage

On the way home from work last night (and on the way to eat sushi, I might add), the iPod played possibly the most awesome Toad song ever. Then, in a stroke of genius, it played another version of the song that I keep forgetting I have in my collection, a version in a slightly lower key than the original. So perfect for belting out with the sunroof open.