So, I’m sitting here at DFW in the lame AA C terminal, and I, for the first time, feel a familiar/nostalgic/home tinge from an airport. Which is odd, since I have spent a far greater amount of time at RDU, but I suspect I never get to soak up the details of RDU as I’m always either in a rush to make a flight or in a rush to get home. In DFW, I sit and chat with friends. I walk to other terminals. I notice the wall advertisements (I must have the multi-use power adapter that Radio Shack is advertising; I have at least three in my pack right now). I notice that nobody is dressed for Texas, and that terminal A and terminal C have different wifi providers (A is cheaper at $7/day, but C is T-Mobile if you’re already a customer). Seattle’s Best Coffee is all over the place (the larger one in C is my preference), but you can hit a Starbucks as you enter Terminal A. There aren’t really any power outlets anywhere. The boarding areas are too shallow, so lines are constantly in the walk path. It’s reasonably tame today, and it’s still packed compared to most. CNN is rambling about the murder of the Pantera’s guitarist and the sale of IBM’s PC business to Lenovo (I find I don’t really mind television news so long as I’m not looking at the screen).

Despite warnings to the contrary, the flight here was pleasantly empty, and I was able to stretch and doze. That kinda makes up for almost sleeping too late this morning, stepping in dog shit on the way to the car, and not having time to make park-and-ride. Oh, and in case your custom is otherwise, you are supposed to tip the curbside baggage checkers; for whatever reason this hadn’t occurred to me in the past, so I made up for it today.

While at Target last night I discovered the most wonderful invention: vacuum-seal laundry bags. There is a one-way air vent in what is basically a huge ziplock bag; you put in your drawers, squash it, and presto! — underwear bacon. For all I know these things have been around for decades.

Flight to Denver + Vail leaves in a few hours, where at least a three-day snowboarding class and a showshoeing afternoon await.

Colorado, part II

I leave for Vail on Saturday morning. If I knew any better, I wouldn’t come back.

Still quite a bit more preparation before I’m ready, but at least I have sweet pair of pants to keep my ass dry. Which is a proper investment of a hundred bucks, as they (and my ass) will be sitting in the snow for most of the week, I’m sure. My first ski trip, ever. I don’t know why I never asked to go on trips as a kid. Maybe I’ll finally get my dad on a plane one day.

Colorado Springs, in brief

Obviously a photo essay is long in coming, but I really went to Colorado Springs, and I really had a blast. A short summary: The city is nice enough, but a constant view of Pike’s Peak from anywhere in town more than makes up for any lack of cosmopolitan sophistication. To me, anyway.

Early in the trip I was still significantly hobbled by my knee injury, but I found a nice in-town trail system and was able to have a few recuperative runs. My speed (especially on descent) was compromised, but the altitude ensured I put in plenty of effort, so a good time was had. A day before we left for New Mexico I circled the Garden of the Gods park at probably 90% knee strength, and was already planning my return half-way through the run. Had I only had that run and a bit of C# hacking the vacation would still have been a roaring success.

Chaco National Historic Park, New Mexico

Thanksgiving was spent visiting Tommy in New Mexico, which is a beautiful place I love to visit. I have no plans to ever live there. More info on all of this when I finally get off my ass and pick out some pictures.