Keep fuel in the tank

Solo training run on the Umstead bike and bridal trail, approximately ten miles in 1:23. I was stupid and waited too long before running today, and even with a granola bar and some sports drink I was pretty lethargic throughout. I must be more careful with my diet these days, as I tend to bonk pretty hard on the weekends, regardless of running, without proper eating habits. I promised myself a Chick-fil-a fried chicken sandwich and large lemonade at about sixty minutes, and the snack didn’t disappoint.

I have no idea what I want to eat tonight. I’m finding this to be more and more of a problem for me; another little obsessive gremlin peeking out.

Of note is an interesting article in the March 2005 Runner’s World on marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe, regarding her return to form at New York after failing to finish in Athens. She has endured some scathing “quitter” accusations by the British press, as well as a good portion of the public. To this her husband and coach, Gary Lough, makes a beautiful point:

Paula has the highest threshold of any athlete I’ve ever known. If she’d broken her leg — if her leg was just hanging off of her by a tendon — then I guarantee you she would have finished that marathon. It’s like a car. A car can travel on a punctured tire, but if it’s out of petrol it can’t go anywhere.

Endurance athletes of any caliber understand this as pure fact; sympathy has nothing to do with it.

Training status, slightly ill

So, a lot going on, yet I’ve managed to squeeze in some training. I managed to come down with a decent little cold on Monday. Still, I was up for a ladder track workout on Tuesday (200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200), and basically got my ass kicked. I’m strong on long runs, but the young folks I’m running with pushed me about as hard as I’ve ever gone for short stuff.

I took Wednesday off (felt pretty rough from the cold, but no back pain or unreasonable leg soreness!). I earned it.

This morning, I was back in long pants and my cold-weather top for four slow miles in the rain. I’m glad I got in the miles, but I’m glad I don’t have to exercise again today. My sinuses are clearing; I’m convinced morning runs are among the best cold remedies available.

I’m undecided about running the Coach Bubba’s run this weekend. I may do a solo easy ten miler, as my distance running partners won’t be available.

(relatively) cheap Photoshop CS for Canon customers

I just saw on Bob Atkin’s site that Adobe has an upgrade price of $299 for Photoshop CS until February 28th specifically for people that got Photoshop Elements 2.0 with their Canon cameras. Interestingly enough, I have Elements from my Digital Rebel, my CS trial is now expiring, and I already have a few hundred in my Photoshop savings fund.

Sadly, the Adobe store appears to be down tonight, but I’m on this one.


Wikipedia is the best:

Beaujolais tends to be a very light bodied wine, with relatively high amounts of acidity, and strikes some as thin and sour, although this is likely to be avoided if it is served with food.

iPod photo finally becomes useful?

Does anybody really care to have portable access to all of their photos via a 2″ 220×176 resolution screen? I sure don’t.

Apparently, in mid-March the iPod Photo will be able to directly offload photos from a camera. Finally, there is some reason for me to care about the “photo” part of the new iPods. Of course, my Digital Rebel’s USB 1.1 is far too slow to be useable in this capacity (and I find the Belkin CF reader is just enough to make the iPod unpocketable), but it’s a nice development. I can see battery life quickly being a limiting factor here, but it’s still potentially a nice development.

Weekly long run; off to Charlotte

Excellent ten miles with the training group in RTP. Three of us did an eight-mile loop and a two mile extension, and maintained a pretty consistent eight-minute pace. The pace picked up at the end, but I’ll blame that on Meredith wanting to hurt Marc more than me being my normal stoned-out self at the hour point. Running long runs with a group is almost cheating, and it’s nice to know I have a few others with the same pace in mind.

I’m a big fan of Panera’s cinnamon crunch bagels, but they were out this morning so I opted for the chocolate chip. Very strange, considering I grew up in the deep South of bacon fat and whole milk, but I’d take either of those bagels and a large glass of orange juice over bacon and sausage any day. Even if the nutritional value were the same.

I’m off to Charlotte for the rest of the weekend, as soon as I finish sterilizing some laundry. There is a good chance I’ll get to see my now-walking genius nephew.

Sweet new entry-level Canon DSLR

As some folks have mentioned, Canon announced their replacement for my beloved Digital Rebel (check out Phil Askey’s preview here). Interestingly, they seem to have either improved or fixed all of the issues I have with current model. Aperture adjustment with the back dial? Yep. Instant on? Yep. Mirror up? Lower sensor noise? Upgraded buffer size? Smaller? Flash exposure compensation? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. It even comes standard in black, which I prefer.

I’m not terribly compelled to upgrade at the moment, but I’m definitely going to have a harder time saving for the 20D’s successor when this model answers most of my wishes.