Remapping keys in Windows

Remap the unused Caps Lock key to Control in Windows XP:

  1. Under the registry key:
    CurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout
  2. add a new binary value called Scancode Map with the value:
    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    02 00 00 00 1D 00 3A 00
    00 00 00 00
  3. Log out to make it active.

Check out this article as well as this article for more information on the format.

NPR podcasts on iTunes

During his Apple WWDC 2005 keynote address, Steve Jobs demoed an upcoming release of iTunes that will include podcast aggregation. I’m aware of podcasts, but haven’t found the idea of them very compelling, especially now that I have no daily commute.

Back when I was a daily commuter, I enjoyed listening to The Connection most days on WUNC in Chapel Hill. Sadly, Charlotte’s NPR station doesn’t carry the show, and while I don’t know exactly when I’d listen to it anyway, I like the idea of having it available. Maybe I just miss hearing the “Cantaloupe Island” loop over and over.

So, it appears that the new iTunes podcast subscriptions will include NPR programming. Perhaps I’m showing my age, but it took public radio to interest me in a new technology fad.

Music, shoes, mucho etc.

My DVD of the ’96 Son Volt Austin City Limits show arrived a few days ago, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. I’m anxious to hear what the new line-up sounds like, but ’96 sounded pretty damn good.

After I found my COM interop book at Borders tonight, I went an listened to a few tracks from the electronica Bright Eyes disc. There is a lot to like about his stuff, but the guy’s enunciation just drives me batshit. I can’t help it; vestiges of emo bring out my violent side, and he still pushes the wrong buttons. Instead, I went to the sale bin and picked out some Bill Evans and Miles Davis jazz discs I don’t already have.

I now have brand-new Wallabies to replace my very ratty pair (which were simply the latest in a line that harks back to days when I was very tiny, indeed). Did I say replace? I mean supplement.

Running remains difficult this week, but I’m sticking with morning 4.5 milers. Despite my best efforts, these has been the only productive moments of my mornings this week. This is not entirely true, but dammit if I can’t seem to hit anything on my to-do list before 2pm.