Few people cover Springsteen better than Cowboy Junkies, and 21st Century Blues has a couple of his, as well as Dylan, U2, and a few originals from Michael Timmons. I love their poppier “Anniversary Song” era (if you can ever call the Junkies poppier), but this sparse sound is more what they’re known for. Peak form, and the best lonesome hollow-body electric guitar sound on modern record.


So, what the hell? I competely wake up at 5:00 this morning. I went to bed (actually went to bed, not stumbled and collapsed into a sleeping area) around midnight, and even read another bit of Anansi Boys (which I’m quite enjoying, despite at least one fan’s lack of affection for it). Alarms set for 6:30 and 7, and I wake up early. Things could be worse.

I’m still sore from Sunday night’s almost-five-miler, but this morning was two days in a row that I’ve made the sub-four-mile loop before work. I feel huge and lumbering, stumbling around the sidewalks, barely breaking a ten minute mile, my mind soaking up every step as yes, this is what I remember it being like, not being able to run free and light, earning every corner and hill and knowing that completion, surviving, is progress.

I hate going to bed early, and I hate sleep deprivation (though I’ve been habitually drawn to it since I was a young child), but I love being up early. Waking sucks, but being awake before the sun is up is wonderful. Running in the morning dark is amazing, even when I’m not fit.

Long road back

Due to some semi-unexpected work emergencies over the weekend, I didn’t have my schedule to myself, so I didn’t get in my planned mid-day run on Saturday. I did, however, run a mostly new route Sunday night, and I survived. Slow pace (mid nines), but I was consistent about it, and I only have some minor (welcomed) soreness today.

I’m only ten pounds over my slack-ass weight, and twenty pounds over a decently fit weight, so this is doable. It’s really not the weight, of course, it’s the freaking gut. I always have some gut, but this has got to go.

Slimmer 40GB iPod?

New iPods rumored for release this week. I just want a slimmer 40GB unit. If a little more thought had been put into the Nanos being used as flash drives (built-in USB plug first comes to mind), I’d likely already have one. Contrary to my original predictions, I use the hell out of a 1GB flash key at work these days.

Google Video

The Google video of “This Week in Technology” is amazingly responsive. The Flash-based playback started immediately after I clicked on the link. I didn’t even really mean to watch the damn thing, but it started playing so fast that I couldn’t help it.

Run, call, watch

I begin running again tomorrow. I want to drop fifteen or twenty pounds over the coming months, but I mostly need to get off my lazy ass and get in shape for the winter mountain season. In my current pitiful state, I’ll be lucky to get three out of five days of snowboarding in, and being a fat fuck dramatically increases my chance of injury.

I got three separate cold calls from recruiters today, two being for the same WebSphere administrator job somewhere in Ohio. One made the mistake of claiming I had submitted my resume to their system. I really am too polite to big fat fucking liars on the phone.

I finally watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on DVD. Overall I wasn’t blown away, but neither was I disappointed. If anything I felt the movie was far too short, but I also get the same feeling from the book. Loved the cast (particularly Martin Freeman, Mos Def, and Zooey Deschanel), desparately hoping they will finish the series. There wasn’t nearly enough Stephen Fry narration; I must admit I’d far prefer to hear him read the book verbatim while the actors ran about on the screen, so don’t listen to me.