Morrow Mountain trail running

I made the hour’s trip east to Morrow Mountain State Park on Sunday. Central North Carolina mountains don’t involve massive elevation, but inclines are indeed quite steep. For a relatively out-of-shape trail runner, they are serious terrain.

From the top of Morrow Mountain
For low-travelled singletrack, both the Morrow Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain trails are well-marked (mostly tagged trees), with switchbacks rarely losing me for more than a few paces.
I started at the trail parking, went up and around Morrow Mountain’s peak (moderate rating), and back around Sugarloaf Mountain trail (strenuous rating, and they mean it). This was around six miles, which I finished in almost exactly an hour and a half. Without all of my resting on the big ascents, the trail would be a great aerobic run, but with the two mountains it was more of a strength-builder. Next time I will likely do more of the bridal trails (check out the full park map) to try to keep my pace up.

Partially refreshed

I find myself partially refreshed after trips to California and Colorado over the past month. On both trips I was able to enjoy the kindness of friends, expore new cities, and run wonderful places that begin with the letter “G”.

I enjoyed long pants this morning, my first real run since Garden of the Gods a week before. I’ve been experiencing a strange procrastinating dread of running for the past few weeks, most of which I attribute to not enjoying the sidewalks of Matthews, but cold early mornings are irresistable. I’m happy to report the inexpensive cold weather exercise gear I obtained at Target is working nicely.

I finished Susannah Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell while in Denver, and recommend it to those looking for a long, fun, slowish read. This last weekend was Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, a vivid personal study of grief and mourning.

Going to Keystone in early January. I will likely buy a board after this trip.

Informally looking in the Matthews area for townhouses. I love walking to work.