Bonita Lakes, Meridian, MS

I ran and biked at Bonita Lakes when I was younger, long before a shopping mall was built adjacent to the area. It’s now a park, and for the post part the development over the past ten years has been less appealing to old-timers. However, the main road around the lakes is now properly bedded and gravelled to reduce erosion, and local bikers have done a wonderful job of clearing some very pleasant singletrack. I enjoyed my runs there this past Christmas even more than the previous year, and I have renewed hope that the trails will remain a wonderful getaway whenever I am called to endure time in Mississippi.

Leaving the newly gravelled road for mild singletrack

All over the area, large pines were snapped by Katrina

The last photo does no justice to the amount of hurricane damage still present.

A quick January

I resolved not to save up posting material, waiting on pictures or profound insights. My photo workflow is a horrible bottleneck; this month of non-posts are evidence of this.

I spent Christmas week at my parents’ home, where I ran almost every day on the trails at Bonita Lakes. My mom went with me to the trails almost every day. Even as far north as Meridian, the Katrina damage was impressive. I have some photographic evidence of this on my other laptop.

My first snowboarding trip of the year was to Keystone, where I rode six consecutive days, rented two different boards, and appreciated one particularly unpleasant concussion. My last four days on the snow were helmeted.

Risking eyesight for a Mom-worthy photo

Renting boards is now officially a drag (rental shops don’t seem to stock enormous selections of demo boards for big people), so I’ve purchased a kit that should last me at least a few years.

Snowboarding makes me happy. There is even talk at work about a possible quick jaunt to Snowshoe, WV, though I’ve got my sights on a March trip to Breckenridge. Anyone interested is welcome to join the usual losers.


In 2006, I resolve to:

  • Be more organized and productive with blogging. My friend Dave Seah‘s blog is a great model for using a blog to aid with personal organization, particularly with professional and creative development. He has a knack for both clean design and clean writing, each of which are skills which I resolve to develop.
  • Enjoy a few low-stress personal programming projects. Over the holiday I’ve been catching up on GTK+ and C on Windows, and hope to be able to scratch some itches soon on Gaim. I have also been playing briefly with Cocoa and Objective C on Mac OS X, and it’s weird enough that I’m enjoying it (at least when the tutorials don’t have confusing typos).
  • Purchase some property. Rent sucks, and I’m already considering a few properties in the Charlotte area. The current favorite will involve a daily commute to work, but will hopefully put me in prime location for a daily early-morning trail run, as it is directly across from Reedy Creek Nature Preserve.