Lift to Peak 10, Breckenridge, CO

We woke to at least a foot of powder this morning, my first experience with real powder riding. The experience is remarkable, leaning back at speed simply to get the board to lift out of the snow, huge floating turns, plowing straight through would-be moguls with no resistence. Falling in this stuff will make anyone feel three years old again.

Mountains ahead

Most of a week in Breckenridge is ahead, gear is all over the living room, and I’m convinced some essential piece of clothing lies hidden somewhere in the countless piles of dirty clothes that are my apartment. Luckily, I can fit a small apartment in my 180cm snowboard bag.

Corporate Cup Half-marathon 2006

Despite still being significantly north of 200 pounds, I posted a PR at Saturday’s Corporate Cup Half-marathon in Charlotte. I broke 1:43 (exactly how much I’m not sure), which is a minute or so faster than my last half-marathon. Training is going very well, and I may even brave this year’s June San Diego marathon if the weekend long runs remain constructive. I’ll need more mid-week mileage as soon as I return from Breckenridge to break my 3:45 first marathon target.