Use PrivateFontCollection for unregistered fonts

To use a font that isn’t installed on a Windows system, use the PrivateFontCollection class to load the font from a file or from a resource. For example:

This is a simple task I’ve learned, forgotten, relearned, and now recorded.

Twilight 5k, tapering training

Training for San Diego is now tapering off. We did 11 miles today (postponed from yesterday due to rain, as I would surely have melted), and I won’t do more than 6 for the next two weeks.

The Uptown Twilight 5k was fun Friday evening. I ran a respectable 21:20, though I was winded throughout the race. My pacing partner Susi beat me by a sound fifteen seconds or so, but considering I haven’t been training for speed lately I’m pretty happy. I’ll break twenty minutes by the end of the Summer.

Dinner at the Park Road shopping center was fun on Friday night. It was relatively busy, people eating and drinking outside, a little live music. I now know how to get there from Uptown.

My feet are a bit sore. I’m still a bit over 200 pounds.

Ready for San Diego

Ah, lovely lactic acid! This morning was the last long run leading up to San Diego, and was a strong 22+ miler. During the first 18 miler over a month ago, I crashed after 14, and had a terrible time on the final trip up East Boulevard. This time, after almost 21 miles I was still able to rush that hill, despite having been a little under-nourished this morning (an emergency GU around 14 miles saved the day, for sure).

I need a nap.

A ten or twelve miler next Saturday, and normal short runs throughout the week, and I’m done. We’re ready, though I’m still a bit anxious how I’ll feel running the full distance at our projected pace.

Training for San Diego

Back in March I mentioned considering running the San Diego marathon; since then, I’ve committed to running the race, and have been sticking with Saturday long runs in preparation. Except for a short run one weekend in South Carolina and the Southpark half marathon about a month ago, I’ve run no fewer than fourteen miles each Saturday since my return from Breckenridge. The last month has involved two eighteen milers through Dilworth, my first-ever twenty miler at Umstead Park last Saturday evening, and twenty-one yesterday. My speed isn’t exactly where I wish it was, but I’m still shooting for 3:45 in San Diego. Three weeks to go.

Delicatessen out on DVD!

Always the Jean-Pierre Jeunet fan, I have often longed to again see Delicatessen. I’ve only seen it once, from what I believe was a crappy VHS copy my friend Vincent obtained from Oxford’s Take Two Video as it culled it collection. It’s been a long time.

Invariably, whenever Shawn and I get into movie talk, Jeunet comes up at some point, and regardless of faux debates around Amelie and Alien Ressurection, much art-nerd psychic power has been invested in longing to see Delicatessen again. This bitching and moaning was not in vain; thanks to us, it was released last week.

An interesting side note is that Amazon has it for $30, while it’s only $20 even at Best Buy.