The Goon Docks

Saturday I saw The Goonies in the theater again for the first time in over twenty years, and while many things made this movie perfect for me as an eleven year-old, what I remember loving most was the town itself. Mountains, green trees everywhere, interesting old houses, beaches that weren’t blazing hot. Even the rain. Everything that a kid could want. It was my idea of the perfect place for a kid to grow up, and it turns out this place is Astoria, Oregon.

Xgl on FC5, an easy install

A few quick yum commands from here to install and configure Nvidia drivers, and then a few more from here, and I had a speedy, slick Xgl OpenGL-accelerated X server running on Fedora Core 5. I am very, very impressed with the speed, and the bouncy/stretchy windows is some of the cleanest eyecandy I’ve seen for some time.


Not very satisfied with this night-photography effort, but even mediocre results can be of some interest. Most exposures were stopped down a bit and open for 30sec, and when using my tripod and timer I still ended up with some very soft images.

Charlotte’s megachurch at its most ominous

Photography notes aside, this building is far less interesting up close, with none of the traditional gothic details of many churches. It’s already not aging very well, particularly the office building-style windows showing ripples and grime.

I often wonder what effect the architects of this building intended. Welcoming air of celebration? I’d say it’s a little more of a devil’s grill effect.

Quickposts now functional

Starting with a good guide, I have added preliminary WordPress Asides. I prefer Dave’s term “quickpost”, at least in the context of this journal’s normal (lack of) conversation style. Modification of the default theme’s index.php file was all that was required, which was pretty easy, but could still be more clearly explained. I’ll see what I can cook up.

Small notes: progress on the way

Using Dave’s example, I’m planning on hacking “quickposts” into my WordPress install sometime over the weekend. I like the idea and utility of small blurbs, and often find the pressure of a complete, titled concept is enough to keep me away from posting. And more postings from me is always a good thing, right? I see this as perfect for quick links with comments, along with most fitness/training log entries.

I also need to finish my rethinking of my post categories. This is another big pet peeve of mine that I’ve let slide big-time.

As photo publishing is a big deal to me, I’ve considered relocating my photos to a Flickr account. This I am unsure about.

I also find myself continually frustrated with comments via WordPress. This journal isn’t really meant to be a springboard for discussion in the first place, and I still (sluggishly) mirror posts to my LiveJournal account. Commenting is usually done there regardless (I suspect few folks there know or care that I mostly post via WordPress these days), and I have no spam problems whatsoever on LiveJournal. I will likely hook up the “respose” links to point to the appropriate space on LiveJournal.