Dreams of expensive glass

After going through results of a recent photo excursion, I’ve found myself a bit disappointed with the clarity of the shots I’m getting with my Canon EF 28-135mm IS lens. I plan to run a few tests over the weekend, as well as compare it with a friend’s new EF-S 17-85mm IS. Is it time for me to start dreaming of L glass, possibly the EF 24-105mm IS 4L? For my bank account’s sake I hope not, but this comparison, unfortunately, doesn’t surprise me.


What I see doesn’t match. The smells don’t match. Gray speckled carpet and silver stuccoed walls, but smells are mildew and old smoke.

Warm baritones approach comforting instructions, no liquids or gels in your carry-ons today, but can’t hide the quiet static ripping panic background tone. A short in the wire.

Join the queue, filter your bags, keep the rest of us safe, work together and I will keep you safe. Safe is a feeling. Safe is trust that someone is smarter than you. That they can see into the soul of everyone else, watching for the unhinged one that is not you.