Congrats to new runners

Udit and Larry ran the Hopebuilders 5k a few weeks back. It was Udit’s first 5k, and Larry ran a PR. Much ass was kicked!

Also, I’m proud of my cousin Kara for running her first 5k this past weekend. My sister is also on the road back to fitness after birthin’ babies; hopefully we can have running-centric family vacations in the future.

Jonathan joined Udit, Larry and me on Sunday for a strong four miler (in the rain; we’re no fair-weather runners!) at the Dowd YMCA. Everyone was strong throughout the run, proving even old farts can progress rapidly as new runners. Larry even has his first half-marathon already on his radar, and will no doubt soon be ready for long runs with our usual Saturday crew.

True terrorism

If you, as an American, are familiar with the writ of Habeas corpus and are not terrified by the new unprecendented powers of our executive over our Constitutional rights, then yours is a different America than mine. If you aren’t familiar with this fundamental legal right, I suggest you read up at least a little about this very basic change in the foundations of our American liberties.

This is huge, as everything that makes you American can be revoked entirely on suspicion.

Umstead visit

I was briefly in Raleigh yesterday for work, and I was luckily able to squeeze in an Umstead run yesterday with Brent. I was set on running Company Mill; construction on the main creek bridge did not keep me away, but it did require I run over twice as far to cover the entire loop (out to the creek and back, out Loblolly, then across the park on the bridal trail to the top of Company Mill). I finished in around two and a quarter hours, blissfully exhausted, my sore toes evidence I haven’t run real trails in over a year.


I managed eight miles yesterday after having failed to muster any energy on Saturday, and followed up with twelve this morning down Hwy 51 and Providence. I felt good physically, but it was among my most boring runs in recent memory. I doubt I’ll do it again, which is a shame, as it’s one of the few long routes available to me without driving. Matthews sucks for running.