My take on HDTV

For the past two months I’ve started a few different exposés on my new experiences with HDTV, and all have ended up centering around my (admittedly) weird TV watching preferences and habits. To summarize:

  1. LCD television technology has progressed enormously in the past two years. There is no compelling reason to get a plasma television unless you’re getting something huge.
  2. Do not expect to enjoy watching non-HD television broadcasts on an LCD television. You will see every flaw in the massively compressed digital cable signal, and it will bother you to the point of distraction.
  3. HDTV programming on a nice display is gorgeous enough for me to justify paying the cable bill. Yes, it really is that good, and the HD-only channels seem to be programmed almost perfectly to my demographic.
  4. As you may already know, I refuse to bother with cable TV without the benefit of a DVR. I love TiVo, but the new Time Warner DVR (Scientific Atlanta 8300) is tolerable. $800 for the HD TiVo is a complete disaster situation for the company, and (for now) lost me as a customer.
  5. HD programming looks much better than DVD, even with a good upsampling DVD player. I will not purchase many regular DVDs again.

NYC 2007

I’m currently planning on signing up for the 2007 ING NYC Marathon with a small group from the Steele Creek YMCA, so we can enter the lottery together. If you’re interested in running, or going as a spectator, let me know. Jeri and Susi went as spectators this past weekend and had a blast.

Dowd half marathon and NYC

Last week was not an idea marathon training week. I got in 9 relatively fast miles on Tuesday afternoon, but I didn’t do any morning runs. I ran the Dowd YMCA half marathon yesterday, however, and had a very strong second half. I’m so much stronger in cool temperatures, and I’m confident I could have run at least fifteen miles at the pace I ran the first nine. This bodes well, as I have little doubt I’ll be able to accomplish my 3:40-3:45 goal in Phoenix.

I ran the half marathon yesterday because Jeri and Susi went to NYC to cheer for Paul. I believe we’re going to enter the lottery for the 2007 race as a group. Even if we don’t, I may enter it solo. Hopefully I’ll be in shape to break 3:20 by next Fall.

Ask Lance Armstrong about the difference in running a fast 16 miles (his longest run before his marathon today) vs. running an entire 26.2. He delivered an excellent 2:59 effort, but not without a very tough periods. Even for the world’s elite endurance athletes like Lance, the difference in a half marathon and a full one is more than just continuing to work hard for twice as long.

Larry ran his first unofficial 10k this morning with Jonathan and me, and may actually make his goal of running the Thunder Road half marathon next month. He set yet another PR at the Dowd 5k yesterday. My “protégés” will soon be capable of my normal Saturday morning distances. Exciting!