Driving and running

I’m spending Christmas at my parents’, which means time in the car. The long drive was made somewhat shorter by catching up on many .NET Rocks! episodes. I was disappointed to discover the audio was much too low on the This American Life podcasts for me to catch up on those.

Three weeks until Phoenix. I ran twenty miles solo today on the very hilly trail at Bonita Lakes, which hopefully will pay great dividends on the relatively flat Phoenix course. I picked up an iPod Shuffle last week with this run specifically in mind, and I absolutely loved it. I’m still quite fond of having open ears while running for a number of reasons, but I doubt I’ll ever go to the gym again without it.

The Fountain

The Fountain is an ambitious movie, and I honestly enjoyed watching it. However, it is not a good movie in my opinion, if only because Aronofsky avoids any subtlety with the metaphorical/metaphysical bits. I understand the parallel stories are key to the story, and I enjoyed them all, but the “fishbowl” goes on so long that it appears to need a separate plot of its own. Carefully cutting almost ten minutes would have resulted in a movie I would have preferred by orders of magnitude.