Richard Buckner – Meadow

As if I needed more proof that I’m mostly out of touch, a new Richard Buckner album was released on Merge in September without me noticing.

Although Buckner’s sparse acoustic arrangements always have enormous weight (and how could they not, with that huge voice?), I tend to prefer his songs with full-band instrumentation, even if it’s just Buckner layering in all the tracks. Even better, Meadow feels like Buckner has a real band behind him, and it’s often a perfect counterpoint to his deep, off-twang vocals.

Sample the tunes on the iTunes Music Store or Amazon.

They’re going to Boston!

Go to the Boston Marathon website, select “Entrants”, search on Charlotte, NC, and you’ll see that both my distance running partners have qualified for Boston 2007! Jeri delivered an amazing kick for the last six miles of Phoenix to get her qualifying time, and Susi qualified at San Diego last year. These ladies are tough!

IMG_4818_450.jpgJeri informs an equine friend that he is no match for Charlotte runners

Most people have heard of the Boston Marathon, but they have little idea how special this race is to the sport, and how particularly difficult it is to qualify for entry. Other large, famous marathons have lotteries (ING NYC, for example), but Boston requires that entrants beat a qualifying time at a certified race. And, in case you were wondering, the times are very fast.

Qualifying for Boston is a huge accomplishment, requiring years of dedication to attain. Congratuations Jeri and Susi!