Bartram Trail Endurance Run recap

I finished the Bartram Trail Endurance Run today in 4 hours and 58 minutes. I had a complete cramping meltdown on the mountain at mile 14 (2000 feet of elevation in three miles; the entire course had well over 5000 feet of incline and almost 3000 feet of decline according to Charlie’s watch). Not enough water, bad pacing, and more heat than I was ready for.

Physical meltdowns are tough in any endurance event, but my lack of knowledge of the course (no mile markers, etc.) made this particularly difficult, both physically (pacing) and mentally (convince your legs to work with cramped calves and quads! and don’t puke!). I honestly didn’t know how much I had left, or whether I was going to be able to continue. Cramped legs, nausea, dizzy head, and an empty water bottle on a vertical climb is a situation I don’t care to repeat.

This was, by far, the hardest run I’ve ever done. I’m going to destroy that mountain next year.

Easy shots at Vista’s UAC

Apple has never been shy about taking cheap shots at Microsoft, and a new ad pokes fun at the very clunky User Account Control security feature in Vista.

What is so wrong about informing a user that an application is attempting to do something potentially nefarious? Most people have no idea what computer applications do in the first place, so how will they be able to distinguish between good and bad activity? This brings to mind a classic Raymond Chen essay on why the default answer to every dialog is cancel. (His book is very good.)

I’m currently using 64-bit Vista Ultimate on my work desktop and I have not deactivated UAC, but I often wonder why I shouldn’t. The UAC feature attracts a little too much attention because of a single flawed visual effect: The entire screen attempts to darken behind the yes/no dialog. However, don’t think subtle fade; it’s more like “did my monitor just go out?” Early Vista builds were even worse, but it’s still anything but smooth. It’s like they’re asking for it.

New half marathon PR

I ran a 1:35:51 in the Childress Klein YMCA Corporate Cup half marathon, which is my PR in a half marathon by a whopping seven minutes. I’m now seriously considering training for the Buffalo marathon in a few months, if I can seriously pace a friend who’s going for a 3:20 Boston qualifier. Running a 3:10 before I’m 35 now doens’t seem so completely absurd.

This American Life in pictures

I’ve been waiting eagerly for the premier of This American Life on Showtime; it promises to be a compelling transfer to a visual medium, so watch for it March 22 at 10:30PM. It (and perhaps Dexter) is the only reason I’m considering keeping my Showtime service, and I’d have it scheduled for recording already if the piece-of-crap Time Warner DVR could get more than three days of programming schedule at a time.