Vista desktop dead

I’ve been enthusiastically using 64-bit Windows Vista on my work desktop for the past few months, and with good luck. Until recently, that is, when it began to blue-screen on an alarmingly regular basis. I don’t know whether to blame a bad driver (most likely), bad hard drive (doubtful), or bad memory (very unlikely, since the machine was very stable for a long while). Unfortunately, I have little idea how to quickly diagnose the problem. Whatever the cause, I honestly haven’t found the Vista experience on a desktop even remotely worth jeopardizing stability, and I’m rebuilding with XP. Now, if I could just get my XP laptop to suspend and hibernate properly…

Even with philosophical and political leanings aside, sometimes I just really hate Windows.

Boston 2007 (how the ladies beat the rain)

In case you weren’t aware, my two top running buddies qualified for the 2007 Boston Marathon, and are currently out on the course. The Boston Athletic Association has a terrific tracking system, and the ladies appear to be right on time despite the gross weather.

Update: Still on target for a great finish! Did I mention the 50mph winds and nasty rain reported in downtown Boston this morning? The weather is so bad the womens’ race had the slowest finishing time since 1985!

Update: They finished! Time for a Franziskaner after the toughest Boston Marathon in years!!


Go girls go! Congrats!

New PRs set at Charlotte RaceFest

Everyone did well at today’s Charlotte RaceFest half-marathon and 10k. Dirk’s mother is visiting from Germany and snapped a few pictures at the finish line.

Despite the sad face in the picture, I felt great through the whole race. Honest, I gave Udit a big grin and proper metal horns just seconds before.

This was Dirk’s first ever half-marathon, and he was still faster than my previous personal best. I don’t have photos, but Udit finished his first ever 10k, and I very clearly heard him mention he wants to do the half-marathon next year. Don’t worry, Udit, we’ll definitely hold you to it!

I think Paul may now owe me a breakfast… muhaha!

Learning about the DREAM Act

For the past week I’ve been particularly fascinated with fourth act of last week’s This American Life, which describes the situation of undocumented immigrant kids in college. They are brought into this country by their parents, grow up here, totally integrate into society. Despite academic excellence and some amazing determination (listen for “hobo-mode”), they have no future.

The current immigration debate is not as simple as whether or not to punish people for jumping a fence in search of easy money. The DREAM Act addresses more subtle issues of cultural worth, contribution, and our society’s decision to reward talent and determination.

Shared items from Google Reader

For the past few months I’ve been doing almost all of my daily online reading via Google Reader, and most of the time I find it’s a ideal tool. As is always the case, getting a good starting list of feeds makes all the difference; it’s only a tool for consuming content, after all.

For various reasons, this is the first time I’ve been able to stick with using an RSS reader. A nice (and not unique) feature is being able to mark interesting posts for future reference. More interesting is the idea that you can easily share these with others with a web link and feed.

Check out my shared RSS items for a relatively sparse list of posts I find important or interesting.