Sad news about Coach Bryan

I’m very saddened to hear that my high school basketball coach and history teacher, Mark Bryan, has tragically died. Unusually sweet for a coach, every single student in our high school loved Woody. It was impossible not to.

I haven’t seen Coach Bryan or his wife Patty (my English teacher and high school principal) since my graduation in 1992, but they were both important figures in my youth. They were both very good to me, and are very loved.

Next stop: San Francisco

If I can maintain my recent 7-minute training pace for a long run, I’m going to try to qualify for Boston (3:10) in my next race. That is, if the San Francisco Marathon’s website ever comes back up.

My legs are tired, and I have a new nasty toe (this time, on my right foot), but this is the first day-after where I’ve actually wanted to go run (don’t worry, I’ll wait until tomorrow). This is a new class of fitness for me, and I like it.

Buffalo Marathon recap

The bad news is that Mark had a rough day and didn’t qualify for Boston. I tried my best to be a good motivator, but it wasn’t quite enough.

The good news is that I felt very strong the entire race, and pushed myself hard for the last 5k to see how I’d feel. I finished with a chip time of 3:23:12 (full results here), almost twenty minutes faster than my previous best. This was my third full marathon.

Buffalo is not an ideal vacation spot, but I enjoyed myself. The marathon was nothing fancy (no bagels at the end… a crime in NY!), but it felt like more people than it really was. I stayed at the Hyatt, only a block away from the start and finish. I recommend Saigon Bangkok for very tasty Thai food.


For those keeping track, stand-alone players are almost affordable. In my opinion, investment in a media collection is still out of the question, but Netflix has media in both HD formats.

Honestly, my first HD player will probably be either in an Xbox 360 (which I may finally get in order to play with the 360 side of XNA) or in a TV-side Macintosh. If I were in need of a stand-alone DVD player, I’d definitely be looking at the Toshiba, though.

Faster at Twilight 5k, ready for Buffalo

Not long until the maraton in Buffalo, but I did a 5k on Friday afternoon in downtown Charlotte. I can break 20 minutes pretty easily, now, and finished with a chip-time of 19:17. I enjoy longer distances like the half-marathon, but I have begun to wonder how much faster I can get in the 5k.

We had a decent crew of six Saturday morning at the Whitewater Center trails. 10 miles with the group, then another 4 solo. My left foot is giving me some trouble, so no running Sunday; I slept almost all day. Lots of miles lately: 60+ two weeks ago, 50+ last week, another solid 40 ahead this week, then a little rest the next.

Cowboy Junkies in Charlotte

I finally got a chance to hear Cowboy Junkies live! The old church inside Charlotte’s Spirit Square is an intimate setting with excellent acoustics — a nearly perfect venue for music. The Junkies were in wonderful form; highlights for me were the always-perfect “Ring on the Sill”, and the vocals during the climax of “Brand New World”.

Oh, and I still have a huge rockstar crush on Margo.

Software love: Thunderbird, Google Desktop

Windows Google Desktop love: Set “Quick Find” preferences to “Launch programs/files by default” to be able to run programs quickly. Hit Ctrl twice, start typing the program name, then hit enter to launch. (Mac Google Desktop is configured like this by default.)

Thunderbird Nostalgy plug-in love: Press “s” and start typing (with tab-completion) the name of the folder you want to move the message to. Joy.