Crossposting to LiveJournal: On

I’m again experimenting with crossposting to my LiveJournal. LJers don’t respond well to RSS feeds on LJ, and commenting (which is the reason to use LJ as a blogging venue in the first place) on feeds sucks even for the poster. LiveJournal Crossposter appears to work better than any of the hand-rolled solutions I’ve come up with in the past, so I’ll give it a go.

This shouldn’t be taken as evidence that I think anyone will be interested in my rambling. Hopefully there will be a pretty picture every now and then, at least.

Greek Festival 5k

This past Saturday I ran the Greek Festival 5k and managed a 19:23 with little trouble. I was, however, very sore for the next few days. I need to work on my marathon speed over the next two weeks, as Portland is coming up very soon. All signs point to a Labor Day 5k.

Trail shoes

I ran trails for years in old pairs of road Gel-Nimbus, which are perfectly fine for some trails. However, when trails are very technical or just very rocky, I have found that I benefit enormously from a well-chosen pair of trail shoes. Mark it up to lots of slipping and sore feet at Bartram.

For the past few months, I’ve been running trails in the Montrail Hardrock. Adventure racing extraordinaire Charlie swears by them, and I’ve not had many complaints. They’re heavy and hot and offer more support than I need, but offer tons of protection, and are surprisingly comfortable even after 20+ miles.

Brooks road shoes usually don’t fit my feet, but the Brooks Cascadia 2 trail shoes feel great. They feel much lighter than the Montrails, are much softer-soled (cush almost like a road shoe), and the upper breathes better. Like the Montrails, the soles don’t have any nooks for rocks and mud to collect, and they grip like velcro. My biggest concern was pointy rocks poking through to the balls of my feet, and in my single run in them I either was running so fast that I levitated over everything sharp, or these things have some sort of magical pressure dispersion tech. They feel to me like a cushy road shoe, but protect like they have a hard plate.

pic-0051_350×263.jpgOne too many roots on the trail

If anything, they grip a little too well. Trail rash, in moderation, is good for the soul.

Recovering, races, shoes

Recovering from my July races was more difficult than expected. I finally took a sub-30 mile week, and felt much better on my 16 mile (8 minute miles) Saturday long run. My next big race is less than two months away, but I think I can get into focused form with three weeks of concentration. Speedy morning runs Uptown and dietary discipline should pay dividends.

I finished 22nd overall at the last Whitewater Center 5k, which was a very fun race. I registered on a whim, and even ran it in my clunky Montrail Hardrock trail shoes (not exactly built for speed). I look forward to running all of that series next year. A road 5k is coming up in the next week or two in which I may try to break 19 minutes, though I’ll be happy with 20 given my recent lack of energy.

In gear news, after years of running in the Asics Gel-Nimbus, I’m now a devotee of the Gel-Landreth. It’s a lighter and softer shoe, and they felt great on my last two marathons. And, while I wear them out faster than the Gel-Nimbus, they cost about 20% less. They are only available at running specialty stores, but strangely no Charlotte-area stores stock them, so they require a special order.