Training Log

With two weeks until Thunder Road, I started the Sat-through-Friday week with the large group run of the second half of the course. It’s definitely not a flat course, but I’m not discouraged from attempting a fast time.

I felt a bit sick late Sunday, and took off from running until Wednesday.

  • Saturday: Pre-run 6ish miler, followed by about 14 miles along the second half of the Thunder Road course.
  • Sunday: 5 or so miles out at the Whitewater Center trails with the ladies.
  • Wednesday: 15 minutes on the treadmill at the gym. Felt decent considering the time off.
  • Thursday: 7-8 miles in the afternoon. Normal 7.5 miler, but I continued down Queens at the college and finished up Morehead.

Big 3-hour solo run yesterday (my 15 miler out to the hospital, followed by the same run I did Thursday), and about 12 easy miles this morning with Jeri and Susi. Feeling a bit sluggish mentally, but I think my legs are there.

Closer to a good-enough e-book

Despite its fugliness (which I suspect is less so in person) and high price tag, I have been excited about Amazon’s Kindle e-reader for some time. I still have major content concerns (can I at least get a discount on titles I’ve already bought from Amazon, please?) that prevent me from investing in such a platform right now, but I hope it’s successful enough that we see the improvements of future versions.

Udit and I saw the Sony reader at Border’s the other week, and were both initially convinced the screen was a fake demo model. These e-ink devices are really quite pleasant to read from.

Training Log

Thunder Road is in four weeks, so keeping up a base training schedule. I’ve done a morning 15 miler some time in the last two weeks that I haven’t logged, though I don’t think I missed a run this week:

  • Saturday: Dowd Y Half Marathon (13.1 mi), very fast.
  • Monday: 10 miles in the morning.
  • Tuesday: 7.5 miles in the morning.
  • Thursday: 7.5 miles in the morning.

38 miles, which is a good place to build for Thunder Road. I did 21 this morning (13+ with Paul, retracing the Dowd race route, then my normal 7.5 mile loop solo) and I felt very strong. My legs were tired with the distance (I did not eat at all during the run), but my cardio felt great. Thunder Road might be a good opportunity to rip a fast one.

2007 Dowd YMCA Half Marathon

I set a personal best at this morning’s Dowd YMCA Half Marathon. My previous best of 1:32:21 was the last half marathon I ran, back in April. How much have I improved? Today I cranked out a 1:23:30, good enough for second in my age group and 9th overall.

This race also sets a record of being the closest to my apartment of any race I’ve done. The Apex Turkey Trot 5k four or so years back and this year’s Matthews 5k were both within walking distance for me, but the Dowd race was almost immediately across the street. Thunder Road will be farther away, but I’ll still be able to run to that start. Nice.

I missed the streaming video of the US Olympic Marathon trials today because the awards weren’t given out until almost 11am, but maybe my crappy DVR got enough of it on the Today show so that the 30 minute afternoon recap will suffice.

Upcoming Races: Staying motivated

The fun in running races to beat your own times, or sometimes even the other people in the race, is obvious. Competition is natural, even if it’s with yourself. Over time, however, it’s hard to stay motivated on visible progress alone. For lots of reasons people plateau, or regress. I have regressed a number of times in just the last few years, and it’s tough to get back on track.

A tool? Sign up for races. Sure, it’s easy to understand that a runner trains in order to race. However, the long-term perspective (at least for non-elite amateurs) is that you race in order to train.

It’s just above freezing at 4:45am, and I’ve gotten almost five hours of sleep? Sometimes it’s that marathon two months out in the back of my mind that’s the last little kick in the ass that gets me out the door.

What’s on the current schedule?