A great Japanese proverb for the new year, from the amazing Scott Jurek:

“Stumble seven times, get up eight times.” This is the Japanese proverb, 七転び八起き, nanakorobi yaoki. Perseverance over defeat.

It’s time to pick a new challenge. Will faster times be enough for me for 2008?


Congrats to Larry for running his first marathon! What’s next for Larry?

Charlotte’s Thunder Road marathon was on Saturday, and despite feeling a bit low in the tank I decided to go out hard and try to hang on. I was right on pace with a 1:27 half, but the second half of the course was brutal. During mile 19 I started to slow, and both legs cramped on the hill at 24. Still, the effort was still good for 3:04:31 and 20th overall. I was very satisfied considering I’ve had a tough few weeks. Who would have thought my last two (of six) marathons of the year would be Boston qualifiers? Now, for maintenance!

The Uwharrie 20 miler is next for me, which I’ll likely do as a training run leading up to Myrtle Beach. I don’t know if anybody will be trying for a first Boston qualifier at Myrtle, so I might train for a 2:55 attempt. I can likely get guaranteed NYC entry with a half-marathon, but Myrtle Beach is a good course to try with a full.