It’s Chrimmistime!

This week has been a devastating one for AAPL stock, but undaunted by financial realities I am now awaiting the arrival of a new Mac Pro workstation. Seems like forever ago I began my wait for this hardware refresh so I could replace my aging PowerBook 17. Minorly awesome were upgrade prices for Photoshop and Logic that were less than devastating. Unfortunately playtime is postponed until next month, delays resulting from inclusion of the sweet Nvidia 8800GT graphics. The new apartment heater will be installed as late as the end of February.

Swiftboating Obama

The following is a letter from John Kerry, regarding the many smear emails circulating about Barack Obama. I post this not only because I’m backing the same candidate, but because I’ve also been forwarded some of the same mails from, I believe, well-meaning people. Whatever your political views, do what you can to help end what is no more than hate-mongering. I don’t require you agree with my politics, but I do demand that you argue with the truth.

I support Barack Obama because he doesn’t seek to perfect the politics of Swiftboating — he seeks to end it.

This is personal for me, and for a whole lot of Americans who lived through the 2004 election.

As a veteran, it disgusts me that the Swift Boats we loved while we were in uniform on the Mekong Delta have been rendered, in Karl Rove’s twisted politics, an ugly verb meaning to lie about someone’s character just to win an election. But as someone who cares about winning this election and changing the country I love, I know it’s not enough to complain about a past we can’t change when our challenge is to win the future — which is why we must stop the Swiftboating, stop the push-polling, stop the front groups, and stop the email chain smears.

The truth matters, but how you fight the lies matters even more. We must be determined never again to lose any election to a lie.

This year, the attacks are already starting. Some of you may have heard about the disgusting lies about Barack Obama that are being circulated by email. These attacks smear Barack’s Christian faith and deep patriotism, and they distort his record of more than two decades of public service. They are nothing short of “Swiftboat” style anonymous attacks.

These are the same tactics the right has used again and again, and as we’ve learned, these attacks, no matter how bogus, can spread and take root if they go unchecked.

But not this time — we’re fighting back.

And when I say “we,” I mean that literally. I know Barack is committed to fighting every smear every time. He’ll fight hard and stand up for the truth. But he can’t do it alone.

We need you to email the truth to your address books. Print it out and post it at work. Talk to your neighbors. Call your local radio station. Write a letter to the editor. If lies can be spread virally, let’s prove to the cynics that the truth can be every bit as persuasive as it is powerful.

The Obama campaign has created a place where you can find the truth you’ll need to push back on these smears and a way to spread the truth to all of your address book.

Take action here:

So when your inbox fills up with trash and the emails of smear and fear, find the facts, and help defeat the lies.

Barack Obama is committed to bringing our country together to meet the challenges we face, but he knows that power gives up nothing without a struggle — and to win the chance to change America, we must first defeat the hateful tactics that have been used to tear us apart for too long.

With your help, we can turn the page on an era of small, divisive politics — but only if next time you hear these attacks on Barack, you take action immediately:

The fight is just heating up — we won’t let them steal this election with lies and distortions.

Thank you,

John Kerry

Running progress

Readers of this may find it hard to believe, but before this morning I had not run since last Sunday. This was mostly due to a sore ankle I was allowing to heal, but later in the week laziness simply got the best of me. I paid for this activity on the 22 miler with Martino and Dougherty this morning; even though most of my discomfort was due to some stomach cramps that started around mile 14, my calf muscles got crampy and hurt for the last half. I was happy to have a group to fall back on.

Biggest news is that Charlie appears to have separated his shoulder on a ride and won’t be able to do the upcoming Uwharrie race. Dude! I was looking forward to seeing them at the race, even if we were going to be on different races.

Regarding Uwharrie, Jeri, Susi and I visited the northern trail head last Sunday and checked out the top half of the course. The elevation changes were serious, but not nearly as bad as I was fearing. Footing is often sketchy with all the rocks around, but wouldn’t be so bad in the Spring when the leaves are gone. My aforementioned ankle/achilles was very evident toward the end of the run.

So, Uwharrie and Myrtle Beach are coming up, and I’m not yet at 100%. Still, with an easy pace on the trails I think I can still be ready to break 3 hours two weeks later.

C# tip: Formatting currencies

Another simple C# tip I keep forgetting: Need to format a decimal for a specific currency? What about only showing the whole dollar amounts? Use the Decimal.ToString() overload that takes a format string and a CultureInfo instance. Here’s how: