Upcoming races

I don’t have major running plans solidified for the rest of this year, other than the obvious highlight that is my first Boston Marathon on April 21. I am looking forward to running a number of half marathons this year, and was expecting to run the Corporate Cup again but will miss it due to a snowboarding trip. Racefest at SouthPark is only a little more than a week before Boston, so I question whether a hard effort there would be wise.

My dilemma? I was hoping to have a NYC qualifying time for guaranteed entry before the May 1 deadline. I’m definitely capable of the 1:23 qualifying time for the half marathon, but I don’t want to jeopardize Boston. The marathon time of 2:55 would be highly ambitious at Boston, but I may consider attempting it if my training goes well. I probably won’t have another half marathon chance before the end of the month, assuming I could even muster the energy.

I want to pick up some speed over the summer, which usually means shorter, more frequent races. I have no idea what’s available in the summer, though Tim’s Ramble Tail Half Marathon at Uwharrie on May 17 is likely.

Returning to Grandfather (July 12) and getting my revenge on San Fran (August 3) would be enormous fun, though this might be prime speed-building time.

Later in the year I’ve committed to running a hard-core leg for Coach Tino at the Blue Ridge Relay on September 5 and 6, and then we have the Crazy-MFn-Legs October Classic two-day expedition (two marathons, one weekend). No time records will be set at either of those, though balls-of-steel bragging rights will be significant.

I would like at least one fast full marathon attempt in the Fall. NYC on Nov 2? Chicago on Oct 12? Portland on Oct 5?

Crowders fun (and a record bonk)

Late last week Mike Smith pointed me toward a Sunday morning Crowders Mountain meet-up on the Native Trail Gods list, organized by Tim Long. I’m always a sucker for runs at Crowders, and the thought of a group run on my favorite local trail was too much to resist. Nevermind the soreness I felt through the week after Myrtle Beach, or the difficulty I had on my Saturday 15 miler. Fun to be had.

Greg, Shashi, and Tim showed up; Tim placed sixth overall at Uwharrie in the 40-miler, so I expected to be left behind fairly quickly. However, everybody’s pace was moderate and I was able to hang with the crew all the way up the fire road, feeling stronger the farther up the mountain I got. After such a strong climb, picking up the pace for the entire white trail out and back was a big thrill. Little did I know the confidence I was gaining was due to my body blatantly lying to me, but it was amazing fun while it lasted.

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