Scraping together Boston training

I have my first Boston Marathon on April 21, and I’m not even remotely ready. I take some comfort in knowing Boston is more a reward than another proving ground, but I still want to give it a tough effort and I’m simply not ready. I ran my marathon PR almost completely solo at Myrtle Beach, and there are thousands of runners my speed or faster at Boston to push me. However, considering my low recent mileage, lack of speedwork, and an inconvenient extra five or so pounds, I should be very happy with a 3:10 (over ten minutes slower).

Honestly, I wish my Boston time didn’t matter to me, but I know myself better than to think I can completely coast it. I can only hope I have enough training base to survive the adrenaline rush I’m going to feel for the first 18 miles. Here’s to going until the wheels fall off! Watch for the mushroom cloud!