Get Windows key on an old keyboard

I have a particular love of IBM keyboards, both the clicky Model M (compact) as well as scissor-key ThinkPad keyboards. Neither of these, however, has a Windows key. This key is good for much more than popping up the Start menu, so I’d like to get it back. Also, I never use Caps Lock, and have always preferred having Control in that location. So, I remapped Left Control to the Caps Lock key, and then reassigned Left Control to work as Left Windows. Works like a charm.

Explanation of the code to put into the registry can be found here, or you can just use KeyTweak to reassign.

Back to speed, even if slowly

Some months ago, I tweaked a hip flexor during an impromptu trail race. I didn’t give the injury proper respect, instead drawing out my recovery much longer than it should have taken. Furthermore, adjustments in my stride resulted in development of a very annoying plantar fascia cyst.

Now, as I’m training my way back into shape, I’m experiencing some extreme tendonitis in my right ankle area. Initial icing and mild anti-inflammatories were doing the trick, but it got worse over the weekend. Just as I was ramping up to 50-mile weeks. So depressing!

So what have I learned from the past year? First, I should give injuries proper respect. Part of what makes endurance athletes special is their constructive tolerance of pain. I pride myself in this, but I need to get better in distinguishing constructive and destructive pain tolerance. I need to listen. So, I’m taking at least most of a week off, even though I have a marathon date bearing down on me.

Second, I’ve really let my core conditioning go. I hate lifting weights when it’s not part of a routine, so I must find a new routine that includes core. Skimping on core strength is so common for runners, and has to be one of the most counterproductive things a runner can do.

I’m signed up for Birmingham, Albany, and Boston. The coming weeks will tell when my next attempt at a personal best should happen. It doesn’t have to be soon.